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Preparing for your puppy's arrival

What do I need? 

Crate -- Buy one that's atleast 36"x 22".  It will come with a divider.  To be honest, I never use these. I put pee pads to the back for them.  

Bowls -- Always stainless! Plastic bowls get chewed up, hold bacteria and cause rough skin and bumps on the chin.  Stainless will last forever 

Food -- your puppy has been eating Taste of The Wild Ancient Mountain  food. I will send home a baggie in your Puppy Goody Bag that goes home with your new baby.  They are being fed 3 times a day and have water accessible at all times.  

Toys -- Nyla bones and Kong brands are great along with toys with knots tied in them.  NEVER give them rawhide!!!  It's a choking hazard! They can tear off a piece or swallow it whole and choke on it.  

Harness -- Puppies walk much better with a harness instead of a collar. Give them time to adjust to wearing one.  Harnesses are better for bulldogs than collars so you aren't pulling on their throat.  

Like all babies, he needs lots of love and cuddling, lots of good nourishing food and snuggles. Moving to a new home, leaving his mom and siblings and the only humans he's known since birth, is very traumatic so try to make the move as easy as possible for him. For the first couple weeks, try to change his life as little as possible. Sometime during his first week you should take him to your vet for a check up.  Take along his record of immunizations and wormings.  If you want to change your puppy food, the change should be slow and gradual. Substitute a small amount of the old food with the new brand and slowly increase the ratio of new to old until the old brand is completely replaced with the new one.  

Nail clippers or grinder -- For right now, I've been using human nail clippers.  I find it easier to use those while they're little. 

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